You might think my time has come and passed, but that’s hardly true. Yes I have been around for a while but that doesn’t mean I have quit living. Now is my time to take it easy and enjoy life. People see me as the carer, I will always offer a shoulder to cry on. We’ve worked hard to spend money on our children, now we get to spend that money on ourselves. Family always comes first and I’d always put my children before me. I find pleasure in taking care of others, it’s how I feel validated, it’s how I find harmony in caring.

My time is now / Time is my harmony / A moment for us / Love is our harmony
Family is my harmony / There’s Harmony in Caring a time for everything / No need to rush


Inspired by the effortless beauty of simplicity. The jewellery collection runs the range of fashionable accessories, from earrings and necklaces to pendants, bracelets and rings. Danish Design insisted on using only titanium for this jewellery line, a material known and praised for its strength, lightweight and anti-allergenic properties. And for its natural sheer beauty. The collection showcases two different colours: natural titanium and gold PVD coated. The designs are simple and elegant... a playful, minimalist meeting ground of round shapes and tight angles.

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Miami series

The Danish Design watch series Miami with stainless steel case and an minimalistic chrono indication. The elegant watches can be worn by both men and women and fit perfectly in the current Scandinavian trend, without losing its timeless identity.

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  1. Julia Rosegold
  2. frihed
    Squeezy Silver Blue
  3. frihed
    Squeezy Grey Beige
  4. frihed
    Squeezy Black Red