You might think my time has come and passed, but that’s hardly true. Yes I have been around for a while but that doesn’t mean I have quit living. Now is my time to take it easy and enjoy life. People see me as the carer, I will always offer a shoulder to cry on. We’ve worked hard to spend money on our children, now we get to spend that money on ourselves. Family always comes first and I’d always put my children before me. I find pleasure in taking care of others, it’s how I feel validated, it’s how I find harmony in caring.

My time is now / Time is my harmony / A moment for us / Love is our harmony
Family is my harmony / There’s Harmony in Caring a time for everything / No need to rush

Danish Design watches Chic collection timepieces for women

Anthea series

A feminine symmetrical bangle watch that shines on your wrist. This timepiece has a polished silhouette with brushed inner section. When the candle light shines on the mother of pearl dial you'll appreciate its beauty even more.

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Danish Design women's watches Scandinavian design Rosamund

Rosamund series

The Danish Design Rosamund is a feminine watch, half polished and half brushed adding an extra dimension to your wrist. Playing with its appearance this bangle watch is one to love for many years to come.

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