I’m right up there with the eccentrics of this world and like to be my own person. My style is how I define myself: there’s always a touch of me. It could be a bright colour, an odd detail, or a mismatch that somehow matches. Life’s full of surprises and I welcome them with open arms. I can find oddities in all corners of the world no matter where I go. I require some luxuries and treat myself on them as long as they’re unconventional enough to know I will, once again, be expressing my own style. It must be that kind of thing of which people will say it has me written all over it. I am harmonious, just in my own way. I am harmony in oddity.

Quirky is my harmony / Oddity in style / Can’t match this
Try to keep up / Can’t keep up with me / Harmony in oddity

On The Dot series

The Danish Design watch series On The Dot with stainless steel case and leather strap with gold or black case. These beautiful watches are available in white and black marble plate. Marble is a natural product, this makes every watch plate unique!

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Squeezy series

The Danish Design watch series Squeezy with stainless steel case and an minimalistic chrono indication. The elegant watches can be worn by both men and women and fit perfectly in the current Scandinavian trend, without losing its timeless identity.

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  1. Julia Rosegold
  2. frihed
    Squeezy Silver Blue
  3. frihed
    Squeezy Grey Beige
  4. frihed
    Squeezy Black Red