I don’t stand out in the crowd, but still people take an interest in me and I don’t mind. I know what I want and how, I take care of myself and take responsibility for my own doings. Our world ‘over the top’ and ‘extra’ enough, so I go with cherishing the smaller things. I want to be seen as the woman I am: there’s more to me than meets the eye. In my presence you will first meet the reserved person, but once you get to know me you will feel my harmony in independence and that’s my ultimate goal…

My life, my harmony / Cherish individuality / Finding my inner world
Cherish your style / Be your own person / No strings attached / Class and elegance

Danish Design bracelet watch for women

Rachel series

The Danish Design watch series Rachel with stainless steel case and leather strap with gold or black case. These beautiful watches are available in white and black marble plate. Marble is a natural product, this makes every watch plate unique!

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Danish Design gold watch bracelet for woman

1139 series

The Danish Design watch series 1139 with stainless steel case and an minimalistic chrono indication. The elegant watches can be worn by both men and women and fit perfectly in the current Scandinavian trend, without losing its timeless identity.

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    Centro Black RBY
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    Pico Purple
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    Centro Black Gold
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