I like to follow trends as long as everyone else is doing it, I first like to see the mainstream reaction before I make a decision. I think I have found a balance between taking life seriously and enjoying life. I spend a lot of time on the job in order to maintain our lifestyle but I mostly love spending time with my spouse and children. Simplicity is not valued when everyone wants to be unique and chase their dreams. Realising dreams is not a priority, we can do it later. I find solace in dreaming about later, but for now I have found harmony in my reality.

Us is all we need / Harmony in family / Only time will tell
Time is our reality / Breathe in the love / Family is all that matters

Rømø series

The Danish Design watch series Rømø with stainless steel case and leather strap with gold or black case. These beautiful watches are available in white and black marble plate. Marble is a natural product, this makes every watch plate unique!

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Koltur series

The Danish Design watch series Koltur with stainless steel case and an minimalistic chrono indication. The elegant watches can be worn by both men and women and fit perfectly in the current Scandinavian trend, without losing its timeless identity.

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  1. Julia Rosegold
  2. frihed
    Squeezy Silver Blue
  3. frihed
    Squeezy Grey Beige
  4. frihed
    Squeezy Black Red