I am a modest person and like to create my own things; it’s a creative outlet and it contributes to my sustainable way of living. In everything I do, I try to be thoughtful. Luxury to me is having freedom to express myself. Purchases need to be long lasting, comfortable and produced fairly. My friends are worth a lot to me; they can always count on me to give my best. Sometimes I tend to forget myself in all the things I do for others. I find my foundation in knowing my friends can count on me and leaving this earth a better place, that’s why I find my harmony in consideration.

Own your style / No rush / The city is my harmony / City life is my nature
The city is my / forest / Find your calm / Just be you / Being me is my harmony

Nile series

The Danish Design watch series Nile with stainless steel case and leather strap with gold or black case. These beautiful watches are available in white and black marble plate. Marble is a natural product, this makes every watch plate unique!

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Rhine series

The Danish Design watch series Rhine with stainless steel case and an minimalistic chrono indication. The elegant watches can be worn by both men and women and fit perfectly in the current Scandinavian trend, without losing its timeless identity.

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    Rhine White Black Date Small
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    Yukon Silver Blue Small
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    Rhine White Red Small
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    Rhine White Black Small